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The beginnings  of our family branches back to the 18th century. The first Kovač that we know of, was Janez Kovač in 1790. The house name was “Na potoku”.

At first, it was a stop for local farmers, who were transporting wood, haze, rocks into far away places, usually in Croatia. They stopped at our house, for a warm meal and fed their horses. A lot of them also stay over the night.

Janez had a son named Blaž, who was married to Helena. Blaž renewed the house in 1892 and started a catering business and also build the first few rooms.

He was a true master in the house, he had two suns and one daughter: Jurij, Blaž and Micika.
Jurij Kovač was his successor, who died on the front in Galiciji. He had three suns, Anton, Stane in Vlado. Blaž, his younger brother took care of them after he died. Blaž also took over the business and later also became mayor of Osilnica.

After Blaž, Anton took over, because he was the oldest son. He was the first to fill soda, and one day while he was filling a bottle full of CO2 blew up and killed him on spot. He was married to Micka. They had two sons Anton, Janez and a daughter Vazma. After Antons death, Micka took over the bussines.

She was a very smart woman. She raised three small children, and besides that, she lead the restaurant, alcohol store and sell beer to the locals.

In 1972 the oldest son Anton took over the business. Besides the restaurant he also added extra rooms.

The turning year was 2002 when the building was taken down and completely renewed.

Since 2003 the business is ran by Simon Kovač.


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