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1. One day trip across the country Petra Klepca

Local licensed guide welcomes you to the holy Ani (entry in the municipality Osilnica), which is also a beautiful view of the valley kolpsko, followed by tours.


Mirtoviški stream

Mirtoviški stream, which came from krempe (942 m), used to drove mills and saws. It is now protected as part of a future stock Kočevsko - Kupa. It has two streams and a special blue poh which is rich with waterfalls, pools, bath, gutters ...

Mirtoviški stream is known for his extraordinary, boundless richness and diversity of plant and animal world. Rare and endangered species, which have long disappeared elsewhere, are in the valley of the brook a few everyday. It is the last refuge on slovenian otters, eagles, and the valley preletavajo stork, over the river live reindeer and large forest animals. The climatic conditions allow the unique simbiozo normal flora of the Mediterranean dimension.

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Mirtoviški stream originates in the idyllic place of the middle mountain forest. Spring is surrounded by rocks, covered with mostly. In the valley of the brook Mirtoviškega is full of picturesque rapids all the way to the source, where the powerful neighborhood of the cave. The inflow pohu live blue crabs.

Gorge Mirtoviškega stream represents one of the few preserved areas of natural heritage Mirtoviški stream, which in addition to the typical karst landscape contains many rare objects and the natural heritage of extraordinary forms of geomorphological, hydrological and biotope features and value. Potok is in the middle stream is full of islands, meandrov, dunes and Prodisc, tolmunov and šumelišč, upstream of the single largest left tributary, the stream channel cut in apniško kameninsko ground, where water has created a unique geo-morphological forms; pravcata sinks, the spill-over gutters, and Caverns Facet, deep, slapišča. The exceptional importance of nature gives the creek karst spring.

View lasts about an hour and a half.

The church of Sts. Egidija and farm Knavs

In Osilniški valley was in ancient times retain all the seven churches, each has some unique characteristic. The oldest church, not only in the valley, but also on the St.. Egidij in ribjeku Kočevje, the Church of St.. Egidija in ribjeku. The main altar bears the year 1681.

Outside the church is richly decorated with welded corners, painted window špaletami, dedication crosses and frescoes residues. Fully preserved late Renaissance architecture is enriched with an extremely high-quality early baroque equipment. The main altar is a group of golden altars. Among the ranks of both the side aisle, which is dedicated to St. Barbara (left) and sv. Anthony (right). There, in 1697. At the northern wall of the church stands prižnica with images of four evangelistov. From the mid-17th For centuries the wooden coffered ceiling in the church board. Preserved and restored as well as painted the altar at slavolocni wall.

View lasts about 45 minutes.

Gallery of Staneta Jarma

Jarm was born on 31 In October 1931 the Osilnica. In 1954 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. In 1957 he finished with Professor Boris Kalinu specialko sculpture. Some of the prize, which has received an academic sculptor Stane Jarm:

  • Award Prešeren Fund
  • Prize for sculpture at the 20th anniversary of revolution
  • Šeškova prizes

Gallery, which is the birthplace of artists in the house, was opened at its 70-years.

View lasts about 30 minutes.

Smitheries Gorse in Mirtovičih

Former Smitheries in Mirtovičih was rebuilt and now has to kovaštva museum in the valley. The rich visual and material furnished.

View lasts about 30 min.

Tasting spirits and domestic dobrot

Course of the river Kupa - in Matičetovih - new renovated homestead with old pridihom kolpske Valley. Tasting of local spirits and marmalade.

Tasting lasts about an hour (depending on the size of the group)

The trip concluds in a restaurant in Osilnica

2. trip Kočevsko-Kolpska Region - Tours of natural heritage

View Kočevja start from where you look:

  • Kočevski horn-forest
  • 20 base
  • Cross the path and graveyard - killings of sv.vojne II,

After the visits, the okrepčamo with lunch in a local restaurant.
The path continued past the closed areas Gotenice, we are the oldest in Slovenia, and walnut novoizgrajeno church in Kočevski river. From Kočevska going into the river valley where Kostelsko looking at:

  • Castle Kostel
  • Water bottler Costella
  • waterfall Nežićeva

In popoldansih hours arrive in Osilnico where the inn smith frequent with heavy kosilom.


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