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We’ve been running programs for Schools since 1994.

School programs, which are provided for the mandatory selection of content (household camp, tourism, technical days, science camp, eco-camp, sports camp, sports day).

Have a 2 sleeping facilities, which have a total of 80 beds ( rooms 5.6 bed - bunk, each room has a shower, bathroom, toilet, teachers are housed in single rooms or double rooms ), dining room with 90 seats in 3 different rooms for workshops and evening animation.

Tutors are available for:

  • sand tennis courts
  • archery site
  • climbing wall
  • absail wall
  • ground for survival in the wild
  • site for motivational games
  • basketball and football pitch
  • ping pong
  • table football
  • darts

We own animators, guides and instructors who implement programs.

Programs and activities can be adapted to your wishes.

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Cultural and natural tours

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